Extreme light
for extreme conditions

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01


High-power LED head light for extreme operating conditions.
Protection class IP68 10 bar. Brightness up to 1550 lumens.

The superbright stable light with output up to 1550 lumens, reliable casing, the duration of autonomous work, powered by available lithium batteries 18650 — these are the qualities of the modern source of the light for work and navigation for vigorous activity in heavy mountain conditions, underground, underwater and in technogenic conditions.
The robust casing made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, waterproof up to 100 meters depths, allows it to endure the most severe tests, and flexibility of electronics settings and variety of the factory options — maximally comply with the tastes of its owner.
It was designed for practicing in caving, diving, conducting of search and accident rescue operations and other types of extreme activities.
It was designed and manufactured in Russia.


Фонарь IGNIVI CD-01 в экспедиции


Rugged and reliable, all-metal, waterproof up to 100 meters the source of low beam (scattered) light for moving through the cave and directional (beam) of light for lighting of wells, with independent control of low beam and distant light, which is powered by any (protected or not) lithium batteries 18650, with the possibility of power supply from any other source.
Comfortable control using gloves.
Programmable modes.
Ability to self-service and repair (available standard components).

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition


  • The main source of light: two high-performance independent LED Cree XM-L2
  • In the standard versions there are available neutral white and warm white LEDs with high color rendering.
  • In the standard versions a pair of identical main LEDs is used. On special request, it is possible to choose any combination thereof
  • The summarized luminous flux, depending on the color temperature of the LEDs - up to 1550 lumens (the equivalent of a 120-watt incandescent)
  • The service life of LEDs — more than 10,000 hours
  • The additional low-power LED with a wide choice of colors
  • The protruding forward LED of low beam with the primary optics — for the maximally wide angles of lighting
  • The LED of distance light with a modern 30-mm TIR-optics Carclo 10755 forms a narrow beam of high intensity.
    On special request it is possible to install the optic with other characteristics
  • The combination of short-range lighting + high beam is used in the standard versions.
    On special request, it is possible to select other combinations:
    • near + near («electric carbid lamp» — powerful lantern for low beam)
    • distant + distant (a powerful long-range lantern with the possibility of combination of optics with different beam widths).

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 - Electronics


  • 4 levels of brightness for each LED
  • It has been implemented scheme for dependent or independent control of LED
  • Stabilization of power supply as regards of current of the LED — the LED's brightness is maintained at a fixed level for as long as the power supply is not discharged
  • Digital indication of the battery charge level and menu of modes adjusting
  • Special modes of crash beacon and optical telegraph Morse
  • Save settings when batteries absent
  • No stroboscopic effect!
  • Up to 9 of adjustable modes — setting and saving brightness modes under themselves
  • Temperature monitoring — automatic protection against overheating
  • Lock function — reliable protection against accidental activation
  • Protection against accidental rotation of the control handle during operation
  • Protection of settings against accidental changing
  • Several strategies of behavior when discharge of the source of power supply to a minimum
  • The lack of built-in protection against deep discharge — you will not be without light, even if the battery is fully discharged!
    The protection against deep discharge is entrusted to the schemes of protected batteries (we recommend to use them)
  • Universality of power supply — scheme and software solution of the lantern allows to supply it with electric power from the 3 groups of power sources:
    • Standard 4 lithium elements 18650 (wiring diagram 2s2p) (battery level indication is available)
    • Standard lead battery with a voltage of 12 volts (battery level indication is available)
    • Any other source of direct current (canister, own battery assembly) with voltage from 6 to 14 volt (battery level indication is not available)

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition


  • It is qualitatively made — high-precision CNC processing of parts, the use of proven components
  • It is resistant to impact, wear and corrosion — made of durable corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • Protection class IP68 10 bar — hermetically sealed when immersed up to 100 meters
  • It secures good cooling — and has a developed finning
  • “Glass”, made of high quality polycarbonate with coating against scratches and securely protected with use of an aluminum lens hood it provides a wide angle of coverage
  • The comfortable control handle — to work in PPE: work gloves, fire cuffs, neoprene gloves
  • Separate arrangement of the lantern in relation to the battery unit of lantern — for convenience of fastening and balancing
  • It is convenient — it has reliable fastening with the possibility of turning 360 degrees
  • Fast replacement of batteries — the battery block on the original locks
  • It is repairable — fully collapsible design with extensive use of standard components: fittings, O-rings, pressure sealed inputs, cable

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition


  • Rubber cable: flexible, durable, wear-resistant and freezeproof
  • For convenient carrying — it can be short or long, at choiceр
  • High quality pressure sealed inputs are widely used in the underwater equipment
  • On special request a sealed connector can be mounted on the cable for quick change of power sources. We do not recommend this option for underwater use

 Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition

Power supply

  • The lantern is completed with the battery block consisting of 4 lithium batteries 18650 in the protected or not protected variants
  • The battery consisting of 4 regular batteries 18650 replaces 16 elements of AA type in just one charge-discharge cycle
  • No expensive assemblies: 18650 batteries — Lithium batteries are the most common in the world
  • Besides of the regular battery the flashlight can be powered by any power source with a voltage of 6 to 14 volts

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition

Test operations

According to the results of voting members of our community in Vkontakte one such lantern has already being tested for more than two years in real conditions of the Caucasus caves.
Also, a trial sample is successfully passing an annual testing by pressure for confirmation of the tightness and wear control.
Third year — normal flight!

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 in expedition


  • highly protected casing
  • the possibility to dive to a depth of 100 meters
  • standard power supply using widely accepted batteries 18650
  • variety of possible power sources
  • the ability to install dual opticss
  • convenience when working in PPE
  • production in Russia with the use of non-deficient components
  • availability of repair and spare parts
  • large variety of the factory options
  • the possibility of upgrading and improvements under the customer requirements



Light flow From 900 to 1550 lumens, depending on the brand of LEDа
Weight without batteries 490 gr.
Total weight 675 gr.
Protection class IP68 10 bar
Type of power supply Lithium batteries 18650
Production Made in Russia

Working time

Working time using 4 elements 18650 of 2600mah capacity under the results of single measurements

Working time in minimum mode* 55 hours
Working time in maximum mode* 2 hours

* The mentioned times are approximate and depend on many factors


The lantern is made under the order, therefore you can initially configure it according to your own requirements. The listed options are included in the price of the product

Basic LEDs

Option Code Type of LEDs Color characteristic Color temperature CRI Total luminous flux Notes
WW Cree XM-L2 Warm (analogue of the carbide lamps) 2700K >90 up to 900 lumens The light of the LED is similar to the light of the carbide lamps or incandescent lamps. We recommend it as the most comfortable option
NW Cree XM-L2 Neutral (white) 4000К >80 up to 1250 lumens The light of this LED is similar to the light of daylight lamps. If you like such lighting - you can get a win in brightness.
СW * Cree XM-L2 Cool (blue - white) 5700К 65 up to 1550 lumens The advantage of this LED — is the most high brightness, disadvantage — the least natural light spectrum.

* Currently it is not available for ordering

Additional LED

Option Code Color characteristic Notes
W Cool white For use as an auxiliary light source when high brightness is not necessary
R Red Red light allows to preserve night vision
Y Yellow
G Green
B Blue
U Ultraviolet

Feeding cable

Option Code Length Notes
S Short It is designed for convenient installation of the lantern on the helmet
L Long Suitable for wearing the battery pack as on the helmet, and in a clothing pocket or on outfit
On special request, it is possible any combination of the main LEDs, installation of non-standard optics, including double-type, connectors and other additional components.

Completing of equipment

Standard specification Basic specification
Lantern IGNIVI CD-01 Lantern IGNIVI CD-01
Set of fixation on the helmet and on the bike Set of fixation on the helmet and on the bike
The set of lithium batteries 18650 (4 pcs) *
Charger device for 4 batteries 18650 *
Work manual Work manual
Packing Packing
Guarantee — 1 year Guarantee — 1 year
Price - 560 eur. Price - 500 eur.

* Attention! We complete our products with batteries and charging devices of third-parties' production. The warranty on them — under the terms of the manufacturers.


Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 - details

Lanterns are made according to individual requests on a full prepayment.
Term of manufacturing of a product with standard options — up to two weeks from the date of payment. As for non-standard products — it is negotiated separately.
Requests are accepted at the address order@ignivi.com.

Payment of the invoice is made by bank transfer to the company's account or by PayPal.
  • Pick-up in Moscow
  • At the meeting by arrangement
  • EMS Russian Post

About the company

Caving Flashlight IGNIVI CD-01 - details

The Moscow company IGNIVI - leading developer and manufacturer of lanterns and sports and rescue equipment.
It was established in 2012.

Banking particulars
  • Recipient Name: LLC “Ignivi”, TIN: 7728800414, CRTR: 772801001
  • Beneficiary account: 40702 810 9 0001 0001638
  • Beneficiary Bank: JSCB «Finprombank» (PJSC)
    • Address:.24 Posledniy pereulok, 107045 Russia, Moscow
    • OGRN: 1027739174759
    • TIN number: 7707077586
    • CRTR: 775001001
    • BIC: 044525549
    • Correspondent account 30101810745250000549 in the State Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District




The site is open on English

Author: Pavel Katkov

We have translated the site in English!


JULY 2016

The site of Ignivi flashlight is opened!

Author: Pavel Katkov

We finally opened site of Ignivi flashlight


JUNE 2016

We start selling!

Author: Pavel Katkov

Great news: from now the lantern is available for ordering in two trim levels



We start pre-order!

Author: Pavel Katkov

I hope that all returned from expeditions with stunning results and are willing to make reservations for lantern.
We proceed as follows:
1. Starting from now until September 20th, I draw up a provisional list of the order.
To do this I will need from you some personal data (for invoicing purposes) and contact information, so that this information could be better sent by mail.
2. By this time, I will check the readiness for production after the summer holidays and will inform a more accurate time (approximately 3 months).
3. We raise invoice
4. From 21st to 25th July the all, who made reservations - have to make payment for it.
5. We run production.